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moskitoRender for 3ds Max 2013 - 2015

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cebas Visual Technology Inc has announced the release of its highly anticipated moskitoRender for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design, available online for immediate purchase.

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The full-featured GPU-Only renderer is the first of its kind to eliminate restrictions in today’s technology of graphics card processing units (GPU). Nearly every modern GPU renderer faces the same issues; due to hardware restrictions, only a few material rendering properties are supported - in fact - 3D artists are forced to only use one or a few specific materials. Not the case with moskitoRender: it provides full support for more than 1,300 materials found in the Autodesk Material Library as well as the vast amount of standard materials in 3ds Max. A real breakthrough in moskitoRender is how it’s designed to carry no material of its own, yet is compatible with materials from other core renderers and plug-ins.
This never-before-seen flexibility could only be achieved through the engineering of a whole new software design for a GPU rendering engine.
Using Nvidia’s latest GPU technology, cebas developed moskitoRender to take full advantage of the hardware and created one of the most sophisticated unbiased path-tracing renderers offering Physically Based Spectral Rendering. Users can expect to produce extremely accurate, photograph-like results that artists won’t stop raving about!
What users expect from any full featured renderer is a broad support of rendering effects that do more than offer basics such as; proper support for different Illumination models, camera effects, IES Lights and complex materials along with procedural textures. A modern photo realistic quality renderer has to show and offer enhanced support for the latest state-of-the-art skylight illumination models. Plus it won’t hurt to throw in more added features like native rendering support for 3rd party plugins and esoteric material properties like Subsurface Scattering - a must have to simulate translucent plastic or cloth materials.
Getting our latest piece of technology out the doors, is a great achievement for our Team! It was a bumpy road we had to travel but seeing the results makes all of this worth a while! We created the first GPU-only renderer offering such a vast support of materials and rendering effects - there is just nothing like it for 3ds Max on the market right now.” says Edwin Braun CEO of cebas Visual Technology Inc.

moskitoRender is the perfect renderer for the industry’s users across a wide spectrum - from visual effects artists to architects of all skill levels and backgrounds. The result is the same: easy to use, lightning fast, accurate and robust!

New Features:

Complex Material Support: Materials such as Blend, Layer and Mix or even the procedural textures artists are fond of are all supported and exist in a GPU optimized variant. Gradient Ramp? Why not! Matte Shadow? Sure!

moskitoRender is not a Toy: moskitoRender offers native multiple UV Map channel support as well as Sub/Object Material Support. Translucency and Subsurface-Scattering and Absorption are fully supported in GPU as well.

Volume Light Support: moskitoRender is one of the first GPU renderers to support standard 3ds Max volume light effects in GPU.
Multi-GPU Support: moskitoRender supports up to 2 GPU accelerator cards and it scales perfectly with a maximum speed gain of 2X faster than one card alone.

3D-Assets investment Security and Full Scene Compatibility: the capability to simply load an existing scene and hit render proves invaluable to everyone’s daily work. The unmatched support of standard 3ds Max materials along with most of the mental ray materials ensures that scenes are created without corrupting the workflow or future rendering pipeline. The time alone saved in fixing all these dreaded ‘Missing Materials’ and ‘Missing Light’ or ‘Missing Renderer’ error messages is worth the investment into this next generation GPU renderer.

New Skylight Model: moskitoRender features a new skylight model that is more accurate, solving several issues with existing skylight simulations in 3ds Max or Design. The new skylight model uses Physically Based Spectral Rendering in every aspect and offers an enhanced color and light transport model.

Unprecedented Material Support: moskitoRender is the first GPU-only renderer for 3ds Max and Design to introduce full support of the more than 1,300 Autodesk Material Library catalog along with most of the standard mental ray materials and shaders and the standard 3ds Max materials and textures. This feature, unique to moskitoRender, allows artists to directly load an AutoCAD DWG file that includes materials into 3ds Max and render it!

Instancing: moskitoRender was the first GPU renderer to challenge the common belief that instance geometry can not be attained with GPU! Now, and in contrast to “just” delivering plain instancing on GPU, moskitoRender challenges the industry yet again by offering the first true variation shader on GPU that can change the material based on individual elements of an instance or per whole instance.

Depth of Field: A true physically accurate rendering feature that can be adjusted in realtime. Instantly adjust and see parameter changes with moskitoRender's active shade and physical camera. DOF calculation is based on the exact same physical camera model introduced for the first time by finalRender.

Motion Blur: moskitoRender offers GPU-based full scene Motion Blur captured by its physical camera using different effects such as; Shutterspeed, FStop and film sensitivity. Along with 3ds Max’s Active Shade, it makes the whole experience fully interactive and immediate.

Active Shade: moskitoRender does not differentiate between Active Shade and Production Rendering except for its distinctive “realtime” or instant feedback on scene changes. It offers the best integrated version of Active Shade and it is much more advanced than anything that comes standard with 3ds Max.

Continuous Workflow: A great feature offered by moskito to facilitate and speed up the rendering process with no interruption encounters to delay a job from being well done! Existing lights and materials can be used “as is”. Even all of the standard Daylight options will work in pure GPU mode.
Highly Optimized and Non Restrictive: moskitoRender is made to leverage new generations of NVIDIA hardware in such a way that as restrictions are removed by new GPU hardware advances, moskitoRender is already a step ahead - able to take advantage of new technologies.

IES Lights (Photometric): With moskitoRender IES Light support, you get instant and accurate results! It can perfectly simulate area lights with all the intensities and light distribution using a photometric web in realtime.

Camera Effects and Exposure: moskitoRender has the unique feature of handling camera effects and exposure control by using a standard 3ds Max camera object. Instead of creating and using a special camera that is renderer-specific, moskitoRender keeps the scene clean and avoids overloading it with unnecessary data right from the get go!

Unbiased Path-Tracing: moskitoRender is one of the few renderers that uses Physically Based Spectral Rendering with its unbiased path-tracing. It is the most accurate method to calculate light. Better yet, it's easy and very simple to set up!

Full Forest Pack Support (3rd Party): Forest Pack Pro is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, and 3ds Max Design, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants. Forest enables you to scatter millions of proxies, high-poly meshes or billboards, and using custom geometry shaders, create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons. With moskitoRender, you can now render all of this and even more hassle-free and in no time at all!

Full RailClone 2 Support (3rd Party): RailClone is a 3ds Max plugin for parametric modeling based on custom geometry parts, definable by the user, and a set of construction rules. This new concept of modeling lets you build complex and realistic structures for Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering, Industrial and Interior Design.
The software includes a full library of predefined styles, but it is not limited to a fixed set of primitives, you can use any geometry from the scene and define your own parametric models.
moskitoRender offers support for the plugin and its full library ensuring the highest quality of rendering there is.

System Specifications

  -3ds Max 2013, 3ds Max 2014, 3ds Max 2015
  -NVIDIA based CUDA enabled card (GTX, Quadro or Tesla)
  -Latest NVIDIA Drivers with CUDA 5.5 Support
  -Shading Model 2-3.5
  -Windows Operating System (for licensing and operation)


You can Get moskitoRender for only 9.99*/month or Get moskitoRender for $295

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