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MoCatch for Cinema 4D

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MoCatch is a full Body Motion Capture solution for MAXON CINEMA 4D-Users

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MoCatch includes a unique combination of Hard- and Software, easing the process of streaming and recording natural movements. Our sensors are applied to individual limbs via adjustable straps
and stream their data to your Windows or MacOS X PC using your standard WiFi network. A deep integration Plug-in for MAXON CINEMA 4D visualizes and records the Motion Capture data.No extra cameras or specialized studio environment are needed. Our flexible and affordable system can be used indoors and outdoors and grows with your demands.

See how to use the FK/IK rig that comes with MoCatch


The MoCase, our main sensor, already includes everything needed to start your first motion recordings. A recharable battery pack allows up to 5 hours of continuous data streaming. Even if WiFi connectivity is low, no data gets lost. The sensor uses its own memory to buffer any motion data. Additional ports give you options to attach specialized sensors to the MoCase. A much smaller Motion Capture sensor, the MoCase mini, is already in development. There will also be pressure sensors, that bring up new options for interactive presentations and simplified data glove applications.

MoCase mini

This simpified version of our main sensor is currently in development. The MoCase mini will make it even easier to fetch motion data from smaller body parts, such als the feet, hands, shoulder blades or the head. The MoCase mini can be linked to MoCase main sensor by a cable to share its memory and power supplies. This makes our full body Motion Capture system even more convenient.

Cinema 4D Plug-in

A deep integration Plug-in for MAXON CINEMA 4D 15 is already included with every sensor. It allows the streaming and recording of Motion Capture data in real time. As all data is recorded in global coordinates by default, exchanging or editing your animation rigs has never been easier. You can attach the Motion Capture data to any object or parameter in CINEMA 4D. This makes our MoCatch system one of the most flexible and user friendly professional Motion Capture solutions on the market. Of course CINEMA 4D can also be used to export the recorded Motion Capture animation via FBX to most

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