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Download UVSticker 1.0 for NUKE 8.0

[ #NUKE #Compositing #Texturing ]
Developed by Marco Romeo, the UVSticker is a NUKE gizmo which integrates a Blink Script that unwraps an image following the UV texture coordinates of another image.
In this way it is possible to draw an image on top of one frame of a rendered animation and remap it through the whole sequence.
This gizmo may be used to add 2D animation on top of rendered 3D animations, it could also be used to create animated maps and masks attached to the surface of a rendered object.

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Download UVSticker 1.0 for NUKE 8.0 or later here

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Download UVSticker 1.0 for NUKE 8.0 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 03:17 Rating: 5
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