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Maxwell Render v3.0.1 for 3ds Max 2010 - 2014

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Next Limit Technologies has unveiled Maxwell Render v3.0.1 for 3ds Max 2010 - 2014

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Changes for v3.0.1 are:

- Improved behavior of blocked emitters in SSS objects
- Improvements in the license validation tool
- Windows installer now adds the firewall exception properly
- Improved performance in machines with many cores
- Improved performance in scenes with instances that intersect
- Mechanisms for finding missing paths have been improved
- Fixes volumetrics with opacity
- Procedural volumetric noise now uses the high and low values
- Fixes a crash in old scenes with instances
- Fixes a crash in volumetrics when created with a high number of internal voxels
- Fixes a crash in scenes with SSS and emitters
- Fixes a potential bug in objects with opacity
- Fixes an issue reading emitters with invalid emission types
- Fixes Alembic material assignments
- Fixes transform motion blur with subsurface scattering
- Fixes a potential crash with blocked emitters and motion blur
- Fixes potential artifacts with subsurface scattering
- Fixes potential artifacts with IES files and multiple emitters
- Fixes a problem rendering passes in -node (no gui) mode
- Fixes transformation motion blur of objects in a hierarchy with moving parents
- Fixes potential problems with instances that intersect
- Fixes a potential crash when saving image files
- Fixes an issue saving images from the MXI image dialog
- Fixes some issues in the license activator
- Fixes 'Save image' gui option with embedded channels
- Fixes a potential failure when saving embedded custom alpha channels
- Fixes the brick procedural 'Double brick' parameter
- Fixes command line flag -copymxi:path
- Fixes command line flag -disableextensions
- Fixes overlay text with fast multilight preview
- Fixes volumetrics with motion blur
- Fixes a bug in MXS references when using object/material ID channels or custom alphas
- Fixes objects becoming invisible in render due to numeric precision issues
- Fixes potential clipping with volumetrics
- Fixes a crash with emitter instances and motion blur
- Recalculate normals in scaled objects no longer generates smoothing artifacts


Download Maxwell Render v3.0.1 for 3ds Max 2010 - 2014 demo version or buy with €595 here

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