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Houdini Demolition Master tool 1.1

[ #Houdini ]
Borko Milohanovic has posted the video about system that He is currently developing Houdini Demolition master tool 1.1. The tool gives you control over fragmentation (shattering) and over RBD activation.

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In other words, it`s possible to direct and control destruction using custom geometry shapes and standard forces. Also it`s possible to emit particles, additional debris and smoke as well. Support for those secondary elements will be added in upcoming releases.

System also allows you to split your geometry into two peaces in case you don't need small fragments to cover whole object. Splitting geometry like that makes RBD calculation faster. As mentioned already it`s possible to use any kind of shape as fracturing guide and any kind of geometry to guide procedural activation including animated geometry as well.

It`s also possible to have fracturing on top of existing fracturing or layered fracturing using geometry as an guide. That gives you ability to place more smaller fragments in places where needed. Video below explains whole process:

Mỏe information about Houdini Demolition Master tool 1.1 here
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