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Forest Pack Pro v4.2.2 Lite and Pro for 3ds Max 9-2014

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iToo Software has announced the release of Forest Pack 4.2 Lite and Pro version. This release includes support for VRay 3 final, support for Corona Render and a new set of over 30 meadow grass and flower presets

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Features are:

- Adds 'Meadow', a new library that includes over 30 wild grass and flower presets
- Adds support for V-Ray 3.0 final
- Adds support for Corona Alpha 6, including Forest Color
- Translation X/Y range can now be defined using min/max values
- Translation can now be controlled using maps
- Adds Transform->Probability map for translation, rotation and scale
- Adds a new 'Frame from Map' animation mode
- Diversity Map can now use its own texture independent of the Distribution Map
- Adds a new scattering algorithm for UV Surfaces
- Inverted falloff curves can now be simultaneously used with including and excluding areas
- In Custom Edit mode, stacked items are now placed on the highest surface
- 'Tree Editor->Add Items' mode is now set by default to 'Random'
- 'Material Optimizer' can now be applied to the material library
- Forest Tools now uses a more descriptive name for the generated items
- 2D Library items are now compatible with V-Ray 3
- Fixes a random crash when cloning Forest objects
- Fixes a crash in V-Ray when using billboards and camera motion blur
- Presets are now loaded as XRefs instead of being merged into the scene
- Fixes several issues in the Library Browser
- Custom Edit items are now properly positioned when rescaling scene units
- Fixes the look of 'Areas->Pick Models' dialog when resized
- Fixes a rare crash in Forest Color when modified from MAXScript
- 'VRay not compatible' message is now shown only once and no longer crashes Max

Forest Pack 4.2 Demo Reel


Download Forest Pack Pro v4.2.2 Lite and Pro for 3ds Max 9-2014 Demo or buy with €190 here

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