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Fixel Detailizer 2.0 for After Effects

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Fixel Detailizer 2 is After Effects plugin which decomposes the image into 5 different details scales to allow a complete control of the contrast level of each detail scale level. Controlling and enhancing the details and contrast level at each scale is just as easy as using Hi-Fi Equalizer. Detailizer is fast effective and simple to use.

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  5 Bands / Scales to Set Details Amplification and Enhancement Level The user can set the amplification level of each detail scale as easy as setting amplification level for different bands in Hi-Fi Equalizer.
  Preserve Saturation Mode The filter will affect the Luminosity channel only. No color shifting.
  HDR Like Effect Setting high amplification for large scale details can achieve pseudo HDR effect.
  Intuitive & User Friendly Full integration with Adobe After Effects using Native Code API.
  Fixel Detailizer 2 User Manual.

Fixel Detailizer 2.0 costs $15 and it works with After Effects CS5 & CS6 (64 Bit, OS X and Windows) using Adobe After Effects SDK. New C++ based code for greatly improved performance utilizing Multi Core CPU. More detail here
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Fixel Detailizer 2.0 for After Effects Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 20:30 Rating: 5
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