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Walls & Tiles v1.3.0 for 3dsMax 2011 - 2014

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Developed by VIZPARK, WALLS & TILES is a 3ds max plugin that creates procedural walls and floors based on multiple single bitmaps

Changes for v1.3.0 are:

- Crossmap v1.3.8 is now included
- Random HSV now has up / down selection buttons
- Adds diagonal mirroring
- Adds V-Ray displacement modifier button with automatic settings
- Adds a new 'Automatic Size' feature
- Improved performance by instancing 1 noise map instead of 6 noise maps on creation
- Simplified the shader network by replacing Color Correction maps with xmap color corrections
- Cancelling the select session directory no longer causes the script to crash
- Fixes the diffuse color being reset on next scene loading
- Fixes an error when clicking 'Select Folder', 'Preferences' or 'List Bitmaps'
- Fixes the autoratio switch being turned on when loading old scenes
- Fixes wrong colors on the bitmaps when loading old scenes into 2014
- Fixes random probability mode not switching correctly
- Fixes MAXScript errors appearing when opening the preferences dialog


Walls & Tiles is available for Max 2011 to 2014 with the price is €59. You can download Walls & Tiles v1.3.0 for 3dsMax 2011 - 2014 demo version is available here
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Walls & Tiles v1.3.0 for 3dsMax 2011 - 2014 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 01:41 Rating: 5
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