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RailClone Pro v2.2.3 for 3ds Max 2009 - 2014

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iToo Software has announced the release of RailClone 2.2. This release opens iToosoft´s parametric modelling software to a new wide range of applications, thanks to an extended style library including new groups like wooden fences, flooring, shelving and animatable escalators.

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RailClone 2.2. also features all new operators, improved UVW mapping, count mode for generators,V-Ray 3, Thea Render compatibility and many other changes and fixes.

Changes are:

- Adds more than 75 new styles
- Library scheme has been reorganized to include new and future styles
- The array generator is now available in RailClone Lite
- Adds support for V-Ray 3.0 and Thea Render
- Adds a new parameter node: Random number
- Adds General->Stats information window
- Adds Segment->UV Mapping->Rotation
- A new default mode, Count, allows you to define a fixed number of segments
- Linear 1S Generator can now be built without a spline by setting X Size parameter
- Adds Style->Geometry->Free Object
- Adds up/down arrows to Base Objects/Parameters lists
- Style Editor now has icons and shortcuts for Enable, Disable, Expand and Collapse
- Renamed exported parameters of the Transform operator to match with Segment ones
- Fixes an error that would generate misaligned segments on render
- Fixes an error using geometric shader and mirrored segments
- Constant parameters are now affected by Geometry->Global scale
- Compose operator now works properly with Default->Scale mode
- Material Sequence operator no longer adds +1 to the ID value
- Segment->Flat Top/Bottom controls are no longer disabled if Bend is off
- Fixes alignment of initial segment when using Vertical or Stepped mode
- Fixes some arithmetic expressions being evaluated as integer values
- Fixes the Randomize operator with nested RC objects
- Fixes Region Clipping using nested splines on specific viewport aligments
- Fixes several bugs with Segment->Mapping
- Fixes alignment issues with certain Y Splines on arrays
- Fixes a potential crash on Max exit
- Fixes a crash when the Style Editor was closed with nodes selected
- Fixes a crash cloning Mirror nodes
- The length of Left Padding on empty segments is no longer doubled
- Fixes an error in Scale mode when using Bevels and Fillet Radius
- Fixes an alignment error when using Scale mode and Bevels

A Lite version of the software is freely available to download including now significantly improved functionality with the ability to create 2d arrays using a single A2S generator. Also available Release notes, and a demo reel, all on iToo Software’s website.
This release is part of the company´s developing program for 2014, which also includes the upcoming release of the new version of Forest Pack, to be launched in March.

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