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Miarmy 3.0 for Autodesk Maya

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Miarmy (named "My Army") is a Human Logic Engine based Maya plugin for crowd simulation, AI, behavioral animation, creature physical simulation and rendering. and Basefount Technology has announced Miarmy 3.0 for Autodesk Maya

Character Controller
PhysX Character Controller (CCT) is a concept from game engine and now Basefount integrated it into Miarmy. CCT is able to make your agents walk on other agents without any penetration. And you can adapt any deforming or moving dynamics terrain, rigid bodies, debris, shatters etc. Also CCT can simulate agent gravitational fall from high place and continue perform logic action

Agents adapt dynamics bridge and walk onto it by CCT enabled

Continuous Collision Detection
Continuous Collision Detection (CCD) can predict collision based on its own speed. With CCD technology, the fast moving rigid dynamics arrows which emitted from RBD emitter are able to prevent penetrating with the collide objects. You can use it simulate more realistic arrow hit on the wall or agents shield.

Left: without CCD Right: with CCD (no penetration)

Upgraded Servo Force System
In Miarmy 2.7, Basefount introduced the servo force. It’s able to simulate the internal forces from agents itself. Instead of simple rag-doll "dead man", servo force simulates the muscle force and it can drive your agent to target animated pose/action after the agents enabling dynamics. And it can achieve more lifelike internal/external spontaneous physical simulation, such as some agents falling and struggling from cliff, self-restitution.
Now it support with:
  -Pin Dynamics
  -Apply logic after dynamics enabled (bound, time) and the servo force can be turned on/off anytime
  -Automatically adjust damping and joint, make it better performance

Servo Force driven Kraken attacking carrier

New Cloth Simulation
Now the cloth has its own point inertia make it more realistic. And also the jitter problem of kinematic control cloth points has been totally solved. And now the simulation will be faster than before, the cloth parameters will be much less and easy to control.

New cloth simulation

Middle Dynamics and Pin Dynamics
Now any dynamical parts of agent can be fixed and controlled by the any object, You can pin the bridge agent and make it only swing in the middle. Also You can pin the hand of agents and make them struggle in lower body by Servo Force. The pin and unpin agent parts can be done at any time freely.

Agents hand been pinned and swing and controlled by the servo force

Level of Details
The Procedural Primitive DSO mode of render, Renderman, Arnold and V-Ray all support Level of Detail now. You can render the low resolution geometries if they are far from camera.

LOD controlled render result

3DS Max Render Port
Basefount made a "3DS Max – Vray" Plugin for importing procedural primitive contents from Maya to 3DS Max. This is no need any data transfer and convert, Maya and 3DS Max share the same Render Data. Now 3Ds Max can easily render tons of thousands agents “matte” for VFX production, with a tiny procedural render data

Left: 3ds Max Procedural DSO render
Right: Maya Procedural DSO render
Share same render contents and program

Upgraded RBD Emitter
RBD Indexing Upgrade, can distinguish different RBDs collide. (Channel: rbdCollide[id])
RBD Collide name check, can check which part of agent been collided in.
Channel: rbdCollide:|||...
RBD Field Feeling
RBD Kinematic Mode (Laser Simulate)
RBD Emit Bomb

Gun fight scene

Combo Agent Upgrade
With Combo Agent tools, one agent can grab/hold/throw other agents. And each type of agent has its independent logic and action tree. Now it’s able to work with auto collision detection well, also when you enable slave agent, you can inherit the correct inertia.

Agent combo gremlin + man. 2 types of agents combined, 2 totally different logics and action tracks

Real Time Display Feedback
Now agents can be real-time displayed by OpenGL and its skinning calculation is accelerated by Intel TBB Multi-threaded.

Render Upgrade
Added some upgrades in render system.
  -Arnold DSO support PhysX Cloth
  -V-Ray DSO support PhysX Cloth
  -Renderman DSO support PhysX Cloth
  -V-Ray DSO rewrote and now more faster and disk saving (more than 50%)
  -V-Ray DSO replaces shader tool (Replace Assets Shader without re-export geometry)

Miarmy 3.0 for Autodesk Maya demo:


More information and download Miarmy 3.0 for Autodesk Maya here
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