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Corona Alpha V6

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After 9 months of development, Corona Renderer releases new public version, called Alpha v6. The new features include support for distributed rendering, new robust API, ability to save and resume rendering later, improved light solver and motion blur, physically based camera, exposure and lights, and more.

Because it is still in development, the plugin is free to use and can be downloaded at the official website after registering at the forum. It has no restrictions like limited resolution or watermarks, and can be used for commercial work. Commercial versions with artist-friendly pricing are planned for the future.

Main advantages:

  -Free for commercial use without any limitations, with user-friendly pricing planned for future releases.
  -Easy to use - most scenes can be rendered with default settings, without changing a single parameter! Most new users are able to learn Corona in 1-3 days. And it is a deeply integrated 3ds MAX plugin, not only an exporter.
  -High quality results with no interpolation artifacts or splotches. Only 100% crisp ray-traced shadows and GI. Even biased results are very close to the unbiased reference.
  -Fast rendering with immediate feedback with the progressive rendering. Corona can quickly render complicated scenes with glossy reflections, soft shadows, massive vegetation, etc.
  -Fast development - There is a new major version every few months. Most serious reported bugs are fixed in a matter of days. Users can propose new features, and most of the good suggestions are implemented in the next major release.

Some of the supported features are:

  -Full 3ds MAX integration
  -Standalone version with a third-party Blender exporter
  -Unbiased/consistent rendering with path tracing, light tracing, bidirectional path tracing, progressive photon mapping, and Vertex Connection and Merging
  -Biased splotch-free rendering with radiance caches
  -Corona material supporting: diffuse, reflection, refraction, translucency, opacity, bump/normal mapping, displacement, emission, and anisotropy
  -Physical sun & sky, area lights, IES light profiles, and fast geometry lights
  -Physically correct depth of field and motion blur rendering, physical camera and light emission settings
  -Progressive and bucket rendering modes
  -Distributed rendering
  -Built-in simple and fast scattering and proxy plugins, custom texmaps

Corona is a biased/unbiased CPU renderer currently available as 3ds max plugin, or standalone command-line application with Blender exporter. Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D versions are currently being developed; versions for additional applications are planned.

Corona renderer resume rendering videos

More information please visit here. Download Corona Alpha V6 here
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