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Bevel Works 1.5 for 3ds Max

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Developed by AG Tool company, Bevel Works is a quick and easy way to turn your max text and editable splines into amazing beveled logos. It has ultra easy controls and 55 different bevels to choose from

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  -*New in v1.5* Bevel Outline: Easily offset your bevel from your editable splines
  -*New in v1.5* Detach to Objects: Quickly detach letters/shapes into separate objects, assigns random wire color, and centers their pivots
  -*New in v1.5* PB Quads: Turn any Bevel Works object into clean subdivided quads!
  -Ships with over 50 bevel styles!
  -A Live Preview Mode that allows real-time switching between bevel types
  -Easily select multiple editable splines at the same time
  -Control the Bevel subdivisions or “steps”
  -Full control over both Bevel scale and extrusion length
  -Capping and intersection controls
  -Quickly apply UV mapping to your bevels


Bevel Works 1.5 for 3ds Max works with 3ds Max 2012 and above and It also works with the 3ds max Design version. 64bit versions of Max are recommended, with at least 4GB RAM, and industry standard graphics cards. You can download with the price 69.95usd here
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Bevel Works 1.5 for 3ds Max Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 03:31 Rating: 5
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