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Object Assembler for Blender

Object Assembler is a free addon for Blender to quickly and easily assemble predefined models with automatic alignment. Those models may consist of meshes, materials, lamps or any other datablock. You can create your own models or download fully modelled, cycles-ready models from the model library.

Features are:

* Object Assembler Mode: The Object Assembler Mode lets you comfortably select the desired object in a specified quality from a list of icons and imports and aligns it for you. No more tedious imports and cumbersome manual alignments.
* Shortcuts: Change the snap point(s), the rotation(r) or delete(d) an object with a single keystroke.
* Navigation: Once you entered the Object Assembler Mode all the major navigation functionalities of the 3D viewport remain available. Pan, rotate, zoom, view selected, top-view, etc.
* Object Editor: Want to change the quality of an object after you added it to the scene? No problem! Select the object and choose another quality. Et voilà! The script automatically imports the object in the chosen quality and replaces the old one. No realignment and no more copying rotation and location properties.
* Snap Points Editor: Define as many snap points as you need for your models. Every snap point is a connection possibility for other models to align with. Every model in the model library has predefined snap points. But you can remove or add them as you please.
* Automatic Alignment and Positioning: The selected model automatically aligns with the snap point closest to the mouse cursor.
* Quality: To improve render time, different qualities of the objects are available. Put objects of higher quality in well visible areas and objects with low quality in more distant areas.
* Library: The models, added via Object Assembler are linked group instances. That means you have all the benefits of Blender's mighty library and data system available.
* Icons: Every model from the model library comes with a set of well recognisable icons. For your own creations you have to design them by yourself or use the template (png, svg). Furthermore the appearance of the icons can be changed to match your screen settings.


Download Object Assembler for Blender here and tutorial here
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