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Download FumeFX RGB Light Rig 1.1 for 3dsMax

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Developed by Michael Stark, FumeFX RGB Light Rig is little tool that helps with setting up an RGB light rig for FumeFX


- Colored the lights' wirecolor to match the light color. I got the idea from Joe Gunn
- When you select the FumeGrid, it will go to the position of the grid wherever it is in the scene. Before it would just go to the origin.
- Added a button to move the rig to the selected grid.
- Added notifications in the Listener after adding, removing, lights and re-aligning the grid.
- Click "Build FumeFX Light Rig" to setup the rig. It creates the lights that are parented to a master dummy that you can move around.
- Add and Remove the rig lights to Fume. Just make sure the container you want the lights added.
- Control over the lights' individual on/off state and light multiplier.
- Distance Controller globally controls the distance of the light's from the center.


Download FumeFX RGB Light Rig 1.1 for 3dsMax here
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