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Animus Rig beta 1.0.1 for Autodesk Maya

Animus Rig is a free Rigging tool for Maya users by Nick Miller. It allow you to work with animal rigging more easier.

Features are:

FK controls with IK tweaking controls
Dynamic joint chain driven with maya hair
State switching from full dynamic influence to none

Ribbon spine and Isner spine
State switching
Individual horn controls
Chest includes pulse control

Hip and ankle offset
Heel and toe roll
Leg, knee, heel, and toe twist
bank left and right

FK/IK switch
Elbow pinning
IK/FK hybrid capabilities
twist, roll, bank

IK controls
Root IK control with state switching
Intuitive FK rotation control for ALL joints, ALL joints in selected finger/toes, and individual joints

Head includes 4 targets of state switching for translateSpace and orientSpace
Neck control and mid-neck control

UI for easy face control
Individual detail controls
Deformation control for eyes and horns
Also included is a UI for mirroring face and zeroing-out transforms
Dewlap pulse control

Eye control with state switching
Fleshy eyes


Download Animus Rig beta 1.0.1 for Autodesk Maya here
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Animus Rig beta 1.0.1 for Autodesk Maya Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 07:39 Rating: 5
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