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Krakatoa MY Beta With Magma

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Thinkbox Software ( @thinkboxsoft ) has announced that a Release Candidate build of Krakatoa MY 2.3 which contains a fully functional version of the Magma channel editing system is now available in the Thinkbox Krakatoa MY Beta forums.

The Magma channel editor lets you modify existing particle channels or create new ones using a fast and powerful node-based workflow. In addition to the usual operators performing arithmetic, trigonometry, data conversion, coordinate transformation and logical functions, it also includes tools for sampling data from other particle systems and performing ray intersections and nearest point look-ups using polygonal meshes.

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Krakatoa Magma is implemented as a dedicated Maya node which can be connected to all supported Krakatoa particle sources including PRT objects and Maya Particles. In addition, the existing "Krakatoa Channel Modifiers" system has been significantly improved and can interact with channels generated by Magma.

Magma operations are currently strictly History-Independent, meaning that they are applied to the current frame's particle data without any knowledge of preceding frames' data. Magma operations are multi-threaded and are performed on native Krakatoa Particle Stream data instead of using the Maya particle data arrays. This contributes to the significantly higher performance of these operations.

Other new features included in Krakatoa MY 2.3 include:

-Support for PRT partitioning over Deadline.
-A new "PRT Surface" object type which creates particles on a mesh surface
-Option to set the number of threads that Krakatoa will use when rendering.
-Support for Deformers on Maya's particle and NParticle systems.
-Bug fixes, UI improvements, and Performance improvements.

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