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Auto Advanced Rig for 3dsMax 2010 - 2014

Auto Advanced Rig is a 3dsMax script by Noorvfx for rigging any character automatically with just one click

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Features are:

- Good performance
- Scalable from global control
- IK/FK arms and legs
- Ramp IK /FK and snap
- Stretchy arms, legs, torso and neck in FK and IK
- Squashy arms, legs, torso and neck with control volumes
- Full volume control
- Unlimited twist for arms, legs, torso and neck
- Twist in IK and FK for arms and legs
- Bendy arms, legs and torso
- Fully functional reverse foot
- Advanced finger control with stretch
- Pose manager for arms, legs, fingers, torso and body
- Copy / paste capability side to side (mirroring) for arms, legs and fingers
- Save and load animation for each part and body


Auto Advanced Rig is available for Max 2010 to 2014 with the price is $29. Get it here !
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Auto Advanced Rig for 3dsMax 2010 - 2014 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 01:59 Rating: 5
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