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Allegorithmic announces Substance Painter

Allegorithmic has posted a video showing a Substance Painter - a new texturing tool for games artists that combines the power of its procedural texturing package, Substance Designer, with the 3D painting capabilities of an app like Mari

According to CG Channel Substance Painter’s system of particle brushes enables users to paint procedural effects like dirt, rust and surface wear directly onto a model which you can see in the video below.

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Key Features in Substance Painter include:

-3D + 2D: Substance Painter is a true 3D painter that can also be used as a dedicated 2D tool, notably through the automatic tiling and UV islands influence features.
-Multi-Channel: With Substance Painter, artists can paint a full material (with multiple channels/maps) in one stroke. As they are painting, they have Diffuse, Albedo, Normal, Specular, Roughness, Metallic (and more) options at their disposal.
-Non-Destructive: Every action is recorded by Substance Painter, giving artists the option to backtrack and test out new creative choices. For instance, now an artist can paint their character with a particular skin type and then non-destructively cycle through new skin materials later if they have a different idea.
-Parametric Brushes: Substance Painter’s parametric brushes automatically adapt to the underlying mesh, so if skin pores and wrinkles are added they are adapted to the geometry and properties of the mesh.
More detail can be found here

Substance Painter is planed to enter closed alpha later this month, with an open beta in January or February. The software will be released initially for Windows and Mac OS X, with a Linux release to follow.
For more information please go to cgchannel's article or Allegorithmic's site
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