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GrowFX 1.9.5 has been released

Exlevel has announced that GrowFX 1.9.5 has been released

GrowFX 1.9.5 New Features:

Here are some of the innovations that have been added after the release of version 1.9.3 Beta
-Added a new Align Children modifier that enables the user to align child paths in case the parent path is too distorted. This modifier must be added BEFORE the modifiers that distorts the parent path, thus eliminating its effect on child paths;
-Added a possibility to track the distance between a GrowFX object and any other object, and create an Affect from this value affecting other parameters;
-Added Override steps options for the following mesh builders: Cylinder mesh, Meta mesh and Leaves mesh. It allows you to change the lineal length of mesh polygons without changing its shape. You can now create several models of the same plant with a different number of polygons. This and the previous feature also allow you to create models where the number of polygons is directly related to the distance from camera;
-Direction Modifiers and After Mesh Modifiers windows can be opened together;
-Introduced a completely reworked data storage method and algorithms. As the result, a lot of minor bugs have been fixed.

How to use the Align Children modifier.
Without Align Children modifier:
Using the Align Children modifier:
The Override steps options for some mesh builders:

An example of a tree where the number of polygons is directly related to the distance from camera:

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