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FumeFX v3.5.3

Sitni Sati has announced availability of the FumeFX v3.5.3 for Autodesk's 3ds max platform.

Changes for v3.5.3 are:

- Adds gamma correction to the FusionWorks renderer
- TP particles no longer pop at the frame when it dies off
- Multiple selected object/sources can now be enabled or disabled
- Hitting ESC during the Render Warps baking process no longer hangs Max
- Fixes situations where the grid would not expand/shrink properly
- Fixes GPU Preview issues
- Adds MAXScript support to get/set FumeFX MXS path
- FumeFX mr shader now renders even if system units are changed
- Illumination Map and Multiple Scattering are now multithreaded in the mr shader
- FumeFX mr shader now supports Illumination Map load/save
- Adds Field3D zip compression option (Preferences)
- Field3D caches now work for the initial state simulation
- Simulation status info can now be accessed by the Deadline render manager

FumeFX is available for Max 2009 to 2014 with the price is $845. More detail can be found here. If you Love FumeFX you can join the FumeFX user Group on Facebook to see more Related contents
FumeFX v3.5.3 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 10:47 Rating: 5
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