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zPipeMaker Script for Autodesk Maya

Developed by Chris Zukowski zPipeMaker Script for Autodesk Maya is intended to speed up the pipe making workflow and enhanced the vast amount and quality of pipes that you create. There are 2 versions of zPipeMaker: Simple and Advanced

In-Depth Features

Tested and working in Maya 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.
Works in all scale modes (mm, cm, m, in, ft, yd)
- Make a pipe segment and snap a new one to the end of the first one.
- Edit any pipe’s control in the chain of pipes.
- Adjustable Real-Time Controls for (Subdivision Axis, Sub Height, Radius, Curve length,Curve Scale, Curve Amount, and Rotation).
- Automatic Minimal Twist to account for any rotation for smooth edge-flow and perfect uncut pipes.
- Automatic Optimization for the whole pipe or single pipe segments based off of a threshold, curve amount, and scale.
- Quick Settings to speed up the creation of pipes.
- Customizable Quick Settings Values
- Automatic Merging of verts, deleting caps, and final nice and clean UVs for the finished pipe.
- Remember Rotation value when making new pipes
- Duplicate Pipe Chains
- Multi Connect Control and Add Pipe.
- Adjustable starter Pipe Scale, Sub-Axis, and Radius.

- Swap out zPipes for Custom Meshes.
- Update custom pipes without having to re-replace them.
- Custom Mesh List Editor.
- Select applied custom meshes.
- Auto Optimize Custom meshes based off of polySplitRings in their history.

How to Install.

Put the script in your "documents\maya\scripts" folder. Then load up maya and make a shelf button or just load up the script editor and type in the python tab.

import zPipeMaker
reload (zPipeMaker)


Download zPipeMaker Script for Autodesk Maya here
zPipeMaker Script for Autodesk Maya Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 09:04 Rating: 5
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