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Wall Worm Model Tools

Wall Worm Model Tools consist of a MaxScript utility to quicken the pace of sending models from 3ds Max to the Valve Source model compiler. It automates some of the steps of preparing your model and lets you export SMDs and textures in a simple manner.

Key Features

-SMD, VTA, QC, VTF, VMF and more exporters
-Complete Entity tools (including outputs)
-Displacement tools.
-Automatically generates QC text files for your models
-Batch model and texture exporters; auto compiling.
-Can automatically generate convex collision hulls for your model
-Allows you to pick your own custom collision model if you don't want to use the auto-generated model
-Auto-generate LOD models of your model OR pick your own
-Gives you a visual representation inside Max of the limits (range) tied to each LOD model which is especially helpful if you are also building your level design inside of Max (with Convexity)
-Lets you assign a surface property to your model from inside the Max interface
-Visually assign $masscenter
-Visually assign $illuminationorigin
-Set many QC settings in Max such as sequence name, $mass, $concave, $staticprop, $opaque and more
-Create Sequences
-Batch Export SMDs straight into your modelsrc folders
-Tool creates a Batch File that can be run when you are ready to compile
-Autorun compiler
-Compile Textures (converts TGAs to VTFs)
-Export $jigglebones, ragdolls, etc.
-VTA Tools (supporting Morpher and Morph-O-Matic)
-Entitied (both point and brush)
-Entity Inputs and Outputs
-Extend Convexity Entities with Inputs/Outputs

Version Requirement:

3ds Max 2008+ (Max 9 if AVGaurd Maxscript Extension Installed)

Other Software Required:

Now Optional: SMD Exporter from or


Download here and see the Official Installation Instructions.
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