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PowerPreview 0.70b - Beta 8

PowerPreview is the 3ds Max Script that allows you to create viewport previews in the highest Nitrous-rendering quality possible

Below is the image showing the full screen snapshot done with PowerPreview, the timelimit was set to 90secs, but it would have been perfect quality wise already after 30-40 secs
Animation test with PowerPreview:

Setting screenshot:

new Features:

*fixed NitrousTweaker's Procedural Texturesize error
*fixed Viewportmenu disappearing after using 3ds Max's internal "Make Preview" functionality
*fixed various Maxscript compiler related errors in 3ds Max 2014 and above
*Increased resolution limit again ti 6.4Kx6.4K. Beyond that, severe graphics driver crashes might occure
*unintended bitmap scaling fixed, this caused subtle graphics artefacts, especially visible on wireframe previews
*complete code restructuring and modularization (some of it still in progress)
*implementation of various (still internal only) data structures for future project managment usage
*Nitrous Settings Copy&Paste functionality ( between viewports )
*Some UI reorganization
*fixed viewport switching/resolution issues


*3ds Max Version 2012 and up and viewport set to Nitrous recommended
*Use automatic installer or copy the zip contents to your Max folders manually....
*"Spacefrog Tools-PowerPreview.mcr" should go to your "usermacros/macroscripts" folder
*"SF_PowerPreview.mse" should go to your userscripts folder ( usually "[MaxRoot]\Scripts\" )
*Assign keyboard-shortcut/button or menu to "PowerPreview: Enhanced Preview" in the "Spacefrog Tools" category


Download PowerPreview 0.70b - Beta 8 for 3dsmax 2012 - 2013here and more information here
PowerPreview 0.70b - Beta 8 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 05:03 Rating: 5
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