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aaOcean Suite v2.6

Developed by Amaan Akram, aaOcean Suite v2.6 is an ocean simulation system based on Tessendorf waves for Softimage, Maya, Houdini, Mental Ray, and Arnold.
Deformers are included for DCC apps to allow simulations to be run on a low resolution representation of the ocean surface, which can then be combined with higher resolution ocean surfaces in the renderer. Efficient frequency spectrum sampling ensures that higher ‘Resolutions’ only add more detail to the ocean surface, and not completely change the ocean surface.

Features are:

*Open sea ocean waves based on measured/statistical wave movement data, approximated by the Philips frequency spectrum
*Calm and non-folding, stormy ocean waves
*Ability to detect region & direction of ocean spray (via Eigen vectors)
*Arnold/Mental ray shaders for:
- render-time displacement of ocean tiles
- wave-peak foam (eigenvalues)
*Deformers for Maya, Softimage, Houdini
*All shaders do render-time catmul-rom interpolation to produce smooth surfaces
*All parameters fully animatable
*Completely tileable grids for large ocean vistas
*Ability to layer multiple oceans on a surface to easily break up visible
*Custom multi-threaded code to help with performance at larger resolutions

more information here and here or here
aaOcean Suite v2.6 Reviewed by CGRecord Team on 05:12 Rating: 5
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